Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bishops Who Wear Red

Archbishops of Udine, former and newly appointed.

Although not cardinals, some Archbishops (i.e. Udine, Salzburg, etc.) wear red in and outside of Rome as a special privilege.  As you can see, it is not the same orange-red of other cardinals, but a true red.   


  1. On the left the Archibishop Emeritus of Udine, Mons. Pietro Brollo.
    On the right the new Archibishop of Udine, Mons. Andrea Bruno Mazzoccato.

  2. What is this "special privilege?"

  3. I don't know, what privilege the bishops of Udine have, but Salzburg (and Cologne) wear the "legatial" red, as tey are "legatus natus" (born legates).
    In Cologne this was very rarely seen, as the Archbishops were commonly elevated to the cardinalate very early.